Nilpa started her training in Nairobi, Kenya at a very early age. After her arangetram in 1990, she went to Canada for further studies where she participated in various dance events and was actively involved in teaching as well. Nilpa was also invited to the Ivory Coast for a period of 10 days to dance for an Indian dance festival held by the Indian Embassy.

After her studies, she returned to Nairobi where she had the opportunity to dance at the Indian High Commission functions, and various community events. Nilpa also had the opportunity to teach and dance for the first ever Jain Conference in Nairobi.

To further her training, Nilpa has been to Darpana Dance Academy in Ahmedabad and Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya in Mumbai.

In London, Nilpa has choreographed and taught dances for the opening of the Digambar Jain temple in 2006 and has also danced for Veeryatan celebrating 10 years of Jain school in 2007. She has also done various dance workshops with children of all ages. Nilpa has performed for Indian Tourism Board at their function promoting Indian Culture in Langport, Somerset. Her other performances include dancing at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and at Earls’ Court.

Nilpa teaches mainly Bharata Natyam. Other styles taught are folk, Bollywood and semi-classical.